When you go to a nail salon, you probably make sure that all the tools the nail technician uses are clean and sparkly. Can you say the same thing about your personal manicure tools? True, you are probably the only one that uses them, so you can't get infected by other people. But, bacteria and other harmful agents can grow on your manicure tools, and it only takes one use to harm your nails and skin. So, what can you do? Just like at the nail salon, you need to know how to clean and disinfect your manicure tools, and you can learn how to do just that in the following article:

Disinfect the tools

  Cleaning the tools is not always enough to kill bacteria, so you should also disinfect them before use. Disinfecting manicure tools is simple, and you can do it either with Isopropyl Alcohol or water:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Put all the clean tools in a bowl, cover them with alcohol, and let them submerge for 30 minutes.
  • Water: put the tools in a clean pan/pot and cover them with water. Put the pan/pot on the stove and let it boil for 20 minutes.

  After you disinfect the manicure tools, either with water or alcohol, take them out of the bowl/dish and dry them with a clean paper towel.

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