We are a registered and certified brand, established in 2021, by N’Gelique INC created and designed with you in mind.

     We are a thoughtful brand that aims to maintain your nails, hands and skin on their upmost. We understand that to keep your nails and skin feeling, looking and being healthy you have to have the materials to achieve this, that’s where we come in, we have created high quality materials for you to achieve healthy looking nails and skin. You can purchase them through our wholesale website.

     On our website you’ll be able to find a vast variety of manicure tools, and our specially designed anti UV protection gloves. We have created them not only to care for your hands while you’re getting your favorite set of manicure, but also while driving, enjoying a day at the beach or at any outdoor activities. 

     We are taking care of your skin, not only while taking care of your aesthetic, but also on your day to day activities. They are 80% polyester and 20% cotton. We have target all the improvements that should be made to the existing gloves in the market, therefore we have strived to make a perfect fit and length for your hands.